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From photographs to handcrafts, working with clay or ceramics, mixing paints and pressing brushes onto canvasses – art can be found anywhere. It involves a variety of activities that displays uniqueness and creativity. 


There are different forms of genres, styles and media in art. Art forms refer to the visible shape or quality and media is commonly used to influence the art form. Genre refers to the styles used in a specific medium. For example, painting genres include pastoral landscapes, portraits and still life. On the other hand, style refers to the form and method distinctively followed by an art.


Individuals with passion for arts and design may have taken up a course relevant to art. And bearing the basic and advanced knowledge on the techniques, methods and other details related to Art, these individuals may have probably considered getting a teaching certification to not only practice their knowledge but also to be able to share what they know by teaching. With this, they may have considered taking a Praxis II exam relevant to Art.


The Praxis II Art test is a subject test under the Praxis II exam series that lets teacher graduates and art practitioners earn a certification that will give them the necessary credentials to find employment as Art teachers.  And here at, we provide a variety of Praxis II Art exam prep resources for aspiring teaching test takers like you who wants to earn their license. 


See how we can help you learn more about your Praxis II Art test and how our test prep guides and flashcards can help you get the satisfactory scores you want for your Praxis II exam today!


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Praxis II Art

Praxis II Art

ABOUT THE ART SUBJECT TEST   The Praxis II Art subject assessment exam is one of the subject tests under the Praxis II teaching certification test series. It is only one of the many subject tests in the Praxis II exam series. This teaching certification test measures not only the knowledge of...