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Praxis II Agriculture (0900)

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About The Praxis II Agriculture 0900 | Related Exams Under The Agriculture Subject Are 0700, 0780 and 5701


In Oregon and California, the Praxis II Agriculture CA 0900 must be taken by individuals who want to teach agriculture in high school. This is a requirement for everyone who wants to pursue their teaching career. This kind of exam is not that easy, therefore, thorough studies and reviews are needed in order to achieve success. The exam consists of 148 questions in multiple choices and the examinee must finish this within two hours. These questions are broken down into sections which include plant and soil science, animal science, agricultural management, agricultural mechanics, agricultural and society, and agricultural resources management. There are also related exams that fall under the same subject - Agriculture, these are the another paper-bound exams like the Praxis II Agriculture 0700 and 0780. And a computerized test that is Agriculture 5701.


Points Under The Praxis II Agriculture 0900


Plant and Soil Science


In the Praxis 2 Agriculture CA 0900, the examinee’s knowledge about plant’s reproduction and growth, and plant taxonomy will be tested. They must also obtain the understanding about the benefits of a particular part of a certain plant in order to answer the questions correctly. There are several numbers of questions being asked in this section.


Animal Science


This section in the Praxis II Agriculture CA 0900 exam consists of questions that are focused about animal science. The examinee will be asked to answer questions like how are animals being bred, the proper sanitation and taking care of the animal’s health. In this section also, related industries such as animal-and-animal products are asked as well as the business and operations management. The animal science is the section which comprises the most numbers of questions. It has a total of 40 multiple choice questions.


Agricultural Management


Basic business and financial aspects of agriculture are also covered in the Praxis II Agriculture CA 0900 exams. The examinee should know the basic elements in marketing, transporting expenses, futures, loans, insurance and accounting. In the exam, it covers around 25 questions.


Agricultural Mechanics


In the Praxis II Agriculture CA 0900, the examinee must be knowledgeable in agricultural practices and resources which include machinery and tools. These are very essential for the potential teachers to understand comprehensively as it has a major impact on how to run the business. It also includes irrigation, field design, sketches, fencing and the most significant, the stewardship of soil and water.


Agriculture and Society


Every aspiring teacher must know very well how an agriculture business could do well in  society. In this section of the exam, it includes topics about the impact of agriculture towards politics and economics. It also covers the agricultural business opportunities, sociology of agriculture, leadership, food safety and water quality.


Agricultural Resources Management


Everyone is being asked to make contributions in order to save our environment. And as teachers, you have the ultimate skill to persuade your students to make their own contributions and you can suggest to them the best thing that they can do. The Praxis II Agriculture CA 0900 exam will test your knowledge about grazing and recreational land uses, forest and wildlife reservation and most importantly, how agriculture use impacts the environment.


Whenever you think about taking Praxis 2, you will somehow feel threatened because it has tremendously broad subjects. Therefore, you need to learn relevant points about Agriculture CA 0900 Exam in order for you to be able to pass. So here, we are offering you wide range of study and review materials that you can use in order to obtain excellent score when you take the Praxis II Agriculture 0780 Exam.

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