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Praxis II Agriculture

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The Praxis II Agriculture 0700 Exam Overview | Other Related Agriculture Exams 0780, 0900 and 5701
The PRAXIS II Agriculture (0700) Exam is a two-hour multiple-choice test designed for college graduates with a B.A. in agricultural education. Teaching candidates seeking certification to teach agriculture to high school juniors and seniors ordinarily take the test, which contains 120 questions regarding seven areas of agriculture: plant and soil science; animal science; agricultural mechanization and technology; agricultural business and economics; program planning and management; social and historical perspectives on agriculture; and natural resources and the environment. We also have relevant exams that are under the Praxis ii Agriculture Exams lists, these includes Agriculture 0780 and 0900. There is another exam under the same subject, but it is a computer-based exam and is called the Praxis II Agriculture 5701.



 Scope of the Praxis II Agrilculture 0700 Exam



Plant and Soil Science


Plant and soil science questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture exam deal specifically with plant taxonomy, crop maintenance and rotation, land care, soil characteristics, and other aspects of horticulture.


Animal Science


The PRAXIS II Agriculture exam’s animal science section targets test takers’ knowledge in the major breeds of dairy cows, beef cattle, hogs, poultry, goats, and other common farm animals. Questions also concern breeding, raising, and maintaining healthy livestock, as well as various animal product processing methods.


Agricultural Mechanization and Technology


Farm equipment, farm safety, water and soil conservation standards and technology, and farm construction are topics on the agricultural mechanization and technology section of the PRAXIS II Agriculture test.


Agricultural Business and Economics


The business and economics portion of the PRAXIS II Agriculture test concerns marketing, farm management, and business opportunities in agriculture.


Program Planning and Management


PRAXIS II Agriculture exam questions in this portion of the test deal with student organizations, career planning, agricultural student apprenticeship opportunities, and program management, as well as the historical, philosophical, and legal aspects of farming.


Agriculture: Social and Historical Perspectives


Agricultural policies, historical and legal precedents in agriculture, the economic importance of farming, local farm products, and job opportunities in agriculture are addressed by the questions in this portion of the PRAXIS II Agriculture test.


Natural Resources and the Environment


Topics addressed in the natural resources and environment section of the Agriculture exam include environmental concerns raised by chemical fertilizer, changing weather patterns, energy use, soil erosion, and methods for fostering wildlife habitats and ecosystems.

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Praxis II Agriculture

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