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The Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge (5146) Exam is a paper-delivered exam used to measure the competency and critical-thinking abilities of a beginning teacher who wants to practice their profession in middle schools. This exam runs for 2 hours and is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions focusing on the four subjects that are deemed to be central to all education: literature and language studies, mathematics, history / social studies, and science. Additional help is provided for you, you can refer and check the related examinations like the middle school 0069, 0049, 0439, 0089, 5146, 5047, 5049, 5169, 5141, 5440 and 5089 exams!


Pointers Regarding The Praxis II Middle School Content Knowledge 5146 Examination 14 | 2015


Literature and Language Studies


Taking from the name of the topic itself, this part of the exam greatly focuses on assessing the prospect teacher’s knowledge and understanding of literature, language, and components of written and oral communication. But, the study of language doesn’t just ends there; it also includes the processes of language development and the uses of language in written and oral communication.




The second part of the exam has the sole purpose of identifying if the candidate has mathematical understandings that all middle school teachers have in order to successfully deliver and run the class. Aside from having mathematical understandings, a teacher must also be able impart these knowledge for students to be able to learn how to solve mathematical equations. This section relies on the candidates’ ability to reason logically, use mathematical techniques in solving mathematical problems (although there is not much do to computations), and to communicate mathematical ideas effectively.


History / Social Sciences

It is told that having the understanding of your history and culture and others history and culture as well will greatly help you understand who you are, what you are and the racial differences of one ethnic group to the other. Therefore, this is considered by the state an essential part in the learning of middle school learners so that is the reason why teachers are being assessed if they have the understanding about the importance of their country and the world’s history such as important historical events. Social science concepts are also considered to be an integral part so this requires critical analysis to be able to solve problems governing basic economic concepts.




The last part of the 5146 teaching certification test is centered on the ability of the candidate to display his or her understanding on the scientific concepts as they will have to identify problems, formulate and test hypothesis, design experiments, and analyze and evaluate data, use both theoretical and practical models.


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Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge

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Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge

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