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Praxis II Agriculture



The Praxis 2 teaching licensure exam measures teacher graduates’ knowledge and skills using subject-specific content knowledge including general and subject specific skills in teaching. Taking this test is required in many states across the US as a standard licensure procedure. 


The Praxis II Agriculture test is one of the many subject tests offered in the Praxis II series. The Praxis II Agriculture exam can be taken by candidates who earned their bachelor’s degree related to the major.  Across the US, Praxis II Agriculture exams are scheduled at different dates and held at different testing centers depending on the chosen method of exam. This Praxis 2 teaching licensure exam comes in two kinds: paper-based and computer-delivered.


There are various exams under the Praxis II Agriculture exam with each bearing different codes. Basically, it has 120 questions that cover topics from Plant and Soil Science, Natural Resources and Environment, Agricultural Business and Economics, Agricultural Mechanization and Technology and more.  Takers of this Praxis 2 teaching licensure exam are given two hours to complete the test.


The Imporatance of Agriculture Teaching Licensure Exams


Why is it important for teacher graduates to take the Praxis 2 teaching licensure exam? Earning a valid teaching license is a common requirement set by many educational institutions prior to hiring a qualified teacher. A teacher graduate who took and passed the Praxis II Agriculture examination has a greater advantage and higher chance of being hired at the schools they have applied for. 


How can you know more about Agriculture Praxis 2 Exam


Learn more about the Praxis II Agriculture test today. Check out the many helpful test prep resources for your Praxis 2 teaching licensure exam here at now and start preparing for the major contributor for the betterment of your career. 

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Praxis II Agriculture

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