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Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades

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7-12 Grade 5624 Test Prep help for Certified Secondary Teachers in High School


The PRAXIS II Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades 7-12 0624 and 5624 exam are for those who are dedicated to work as a certified mentor. The exam assesses a new teacher’s knowledge and understanding of educational practices foundational to beginning a career as a professional educator. The exam is suitable only to those who have completed or nearly completed and undergraduate education program. Other exams that you may find interest in are 5621 early childhood education, 5622 elementary ed, and 5623 grades 5-9.  We have it all.


What Sections does exam consists of and it's Price? 


The exam is divided into two parts. The first part is composed of 70 multiple-choice questions and the second part is composed of 4 constructed-response questions. The test assesses the examinees’ knowledge on topics such as human development, learning processes, instructional processes, diverse learners, educational psychology, and professional issues. Questions will revolve around five content categories: students as learners; instructional process; assessment; professional development, leadership and community; and analysis of instructional scenarios. There may be questions in the praxis II exam that will not count toward your score. The fee for this praxis II exam is $90.


Students as Learners


This area is approximately 22.5% of the overall praxis 2 exam. Examinees should review on topics such as the theoretical foundations of learning, the major contributions of foundational theorists, concepts and terms related to a variety of learning theories, domain of human development, and the impact of learning theory and human development on the instructional process. Questions may also include topics on variables that affect students’ learning, implications of legislation, approaches of accommodating students with exceptionalities in education process, major contributions of foundational behavioral theorists, principles of classroom management, and strategies to develop students’ self-esteem.


Instructional Process


This has the same percentage value as the previous content category. Examinees may encounter questions about frameworks in instructional planning, basic concepts of predominant educational theories, scope and sequence that affect instructional planning, how to develop the best objectives, role of resources and materials in supporting learning, and the different instructional strategies.




This category of the PRAXIS II Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades 7-12 0624 exam covers 15% of the overall questions. Examinees should have the knowledge on assessment and evaluation strategies. They may encounter questions on the role of formal and informal assessment, different types of assessment, how to select an appropriate assessment format to meet the objectives, rationale behind assessment, and the different assessment tools.


Professional Development, Leadership and Community


To be able to answer all 14 questions in this praxis II exam category, examinees should be aware of the variety of professional development practices and resources, implications of research, and role of reflective practice for professional growth. They should also be aware of the school support personnel who assist students, teachers and families, and knows the basic strategies for developing collaborative relationships with colleagues and other school personnel.


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Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching

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Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching

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