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5038 English Content Knowledge

Exam Overview On The English Language Arts Content Knowledge | 5038 Prep 


Secondary school English teachers are sometimes required to pass the English Language Arts Content-Knowledge Exam (5038). The two-hour exam, which consists of 130 multiple-choice questions, assesses a beginning teacher’s grasp of the basic skills and concepts required for success as an instructor in high school English. Just an added information, you can also check out the praxis ii elementary education exams 5039, 0012, 0014, 5031, 5013, 5014, 5018, 5011, 5017, 5015, 5019, 5001 and 5031!


Topics on Content Knowledge 5038 New Exam 14 | 2015 Exam


Language Use and Vocabulary
Writing, Speaking, and Listening


Pointers For The English Language Arts Content-Knowledge 5038 High School grade 7 12 Teachers Certification Exam


The test includes single-selection, multiple-choice questions with four options.
It also includes some of the following innovative question types:
multiple-selection multiple choice, order/match, audio stimulus, table/grid,
select in passage, and video stimulus.


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